Taeoalii Rocks the Pen

Born Iosua Tai Taeoalii, Josh Tai Taeoalii is a Murray, Utah-based artist whose work captures scenes in a most enduring and distinct way. Taeoalii combines detailed ballpoint pen sketch and watercolor to Continue Reading →

Hebru Brantley: Street Artist to International Phenomenon

Chicago native, Hebru Brantley, a self-professed Afro-Futurist sculpts/sketches/paints cartoon imagery capturing fans interested in whimsical pieces.  Behind vivid colors and rounded, cherubic features the subjects in many of his works Continue Reading →

Joshua Harker in the 3rd Dimension

Sculptor, designer and digital sculpture extraordinaire, Joshua Harker is a Chicago-based artist producing technical, sophisticated, industrial, complex and aesthetically intriguing work by starting with a detailed drawing and ending with Continue Reading →